The first and foremost goal of Henderson-Hughes Health Partners (H3P) is to provide knowledge that will lead to healthy lives. We will achieve this through our created public health programs and distributing health and safety information that is accurate and accessible for the community. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, there is a link between having low health literacy and frequent use of emergency room and inpatient care. The lower the health literacy knowledge people have, people are less likely to get a flu shot, understand medication labels or go without having important tests such as mammograms.

Henderson-Hughes Health Partners (H3P) is a public health advocacy, health consulting and health literacy nonprofit organization with the mission to stamp out health disparities created via health illiteracy by educating the community on public health matters and the health care industry.

We provide the following programs and services: Teens Educated Against Sexual Endeavors (T.E.A.S.E.) is a mobile public health program designed to reduce pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among teens. The H3P Senior Initiative is a mobile health literacy and advocacy program for seniors age 60 and over designed to reduce sexually transmitted diseases in the senior population and empower seniors to make informed health decisions.